Governance training certified by l’UCO

A certified training program in governance delivered in Paris with high quality teachers, managers and experts. Hard skills & soft skills workshops allow candidates to prepare for technical expertise while attaching great importance to soft skills. Excellent posture, self-confidence, fluency in speaking are guarantees of success.

In 2023, only 26% of SBF120 companies were headed by women, and 37% of CAC 40 companies were headed by men.
Many unlisted and smaller companies do not apply the law.
A great deal of gender bias persists in certain industrial sectors.
Not enough companies are integrating social and environmental concerns.
Through this Certificate, LEYDERS Associates and the UCO are combining their Values to accelerate human progress towards a better society. Men and women are welcome to join our training courses to prepare for and become actively involved in this societal movement.

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Successful training on gender and diversity issues

In an era of increasing female high potential, Leyders Associates offers a highly precise and innovative diagnosis with proven tools and expertise. The study helps raise awareness of individual skills and team behavior.Hence,the new perspective allows everyone to determine their professional strategy and the company to optimize the functioning of the collective. An action plan is recommended. A review carried out after a period of 6 months to a year will make it possible to concretely assess the points of improvement observed. Find out more

Commercial negotiation training

Our session in commercial negotiation and closing will be provided by Jacques H. Paget, lawyer, Apm expert, international consultant creator of a specific negotiation method based on non-extrapolation exercises, the ability to remain silent, doubt control, the construction of apparent coherence and the management of potentials of sympathy and antipathy. The session takes place in the form of several individual or group interviews lasting 2 to 5 hours.

Media Training Formation

This training-action allows the beneficiaries to share their energy and their authenticity orally by relying on the tools of the professionals that the speakers also support: journalists, actors, speakers, etc.

The tailor-made course allows you to work on all the mechanisms of the power of conviction. To impact audiences by treating messages, influencing and generating support to finally inspire by touching hearts.

Given by communication professionals recognized for their expertise and their benevolent and direct look, it also allows you to benefit from personalized feedback to gain confidence and benefit from good oral communication reflexes in all situations (interview, meeting, speaking). , pitch, etc.).

Soft skills programme

In times of upheaval soft skills (behavioral agility, emotional intelligence, mental flexibility, empathy, cooperation…) are more than ever necessary.We need to accelerate in a context of crisis, with new online training methods, beyond the traditional face-to-face training, coaching  and mentoring.To develop these soft skills, A.Life, in association with Leyders Associates, wanted to make accessible to a wide audience the tools from contextual behavioral science and more than 20 years of experience in talent management and development.We have thus developed an intensive soft skills development programme with 10 online modules (1h30-2h)n designed as a fitness programme. It has been deployed in various environments:

  • Business school
  • Organizations: for leaders and a broader audience
  • As a complement to individual and team coaching
  • To train future board members on this part or their role (coming soon)

Strategic and operational support training

With her experience of General Management in Large Groups and in ETI / PME, Danièle Clergeot supports you on strategic thinking and the deployment of organic growth programs. You can rely on her listening skills, her energy, her kindness, her knowledge of business issues and the structuring of proven methods.