Women at the heart of the Board

In 2017 40% of members of Boards of Directors need to be women[1].

The mission of LEYDERS ASSOCIATES: identify and recruit competent women to diversify Boards of Directors

The percentage of female members of Boards of Directors in France needs to be 40% by 2017 (and 20% in 2014). These new rules come from the “Coppé-Zimmermann” law adopted in January 2011, and were also taken on by AFEP-MEDEF regulations. After the vote of the “Sauvedet law” in March 2012 this also applies to Supervisory Boards in the public sector.

This in depth change of the governance structure of our society stretches beyond legal obligations to improve the women/ man balance in the Boards. It will set an example and underscores that diversity is an indicator for the performance of a company.

Most of French companies have made significant progress in this area. However, Ernst & Young reports that today only 24% of the members of the Boards of big companies are female (Panorama 2013). This shows that there is still a long way to go and that a strong commitment from boards and management is required to achieve the ambitious goals.

Leyders Associates, who are specialised in talent search and the recruitment of executives, has decided to be actively involved in this initiative to increase the number of women in the Boards and modernise the governance structure. Being a member of an international network and strongly supported by influential people of the business community we have developed a specific approach and methodology to select female candidates with the necessary competences to take on the demanding role of member of the Board. We have identified the most skilled and most motivated candidates by meeting with each of them individually and conducting an in depth interview focused on the challenges of a Board member assignment.

As a result of this, we have been able to create the Circle “Women at the heart of the Board” with highly qualified candidates having diverse backgrounds in terms of professional career, sector of activity and nationality. Our innovative approach is reinforced by collaborating with specialists in the fields of governance, coaching and strategy consultancy to prepare and support our candidates and to accelerate the recruitment process.

The development of the Circle is driven by two bodies:

Leyders Associates supports the “Souffle de Violette” action of the EREEL donation fund which allows to provide direct help to women with cancer and in in great difficulty. For each assignment 10% or 1000€ will be donated to EREEL, representing a positive act for women by women.

[1] After General Ordinary Assembly 2016

Our Partners :

Steering Comittee

  • Alain Clot

    Alain Clot

    Director of banks

  • Lucille Desjonquères

    Lucille Desjonquères

    Partner Leyders Associates

  • Michel Dumont

    Michel Dumont

    Partner Leyders Associates

  • Jean Michel Garrigues

    Jean-Michel Garrigues

    Partner BLB

  • Bernard Henry

    Bernard Henry

    Board consultant

  • Pascale Henry Deguirmendjian

    Pascale Henry Deguirmendjian

    Board consultant

  • Hugues Le Bret

    Hugues Le Bret

    Director and co-founder of companies

  • Veronique Mortessagne

    Veronique Mortessagne


  • Djamel Seoudi

    Djamel Seoudi

    Lawyer specialized in Law Legal and Governance

  • Laura Lombardo

    Laura Lombardo

    Office manager and Coordinator of the Searchers team

Our Team of Senior Advisors

  • Frédéric Andrieux

    Frédéric Andrieux

  • Caroline Besselièvre

    Caroline Besselièvre

  • Chantal Cadoux

    Chantal Cadoux

  • Chantal Cadoux

    Oliver Carton

  • Sophie Cornette

    Daniel Corfmat

    Expert in Boards. Chairman of ADAE

  • Valérie Delande

    Valérie Delande

  • Didier Delaigue

    Didier Delaigue

    Expert en gouvernance familiale

  • Florence Ferretti

    Florence Ferretti

  • Eric Hanesse

    Eric Hanesse

    Team Coordinator

  • Cedric Lefebvre

    Cedric Lefebvre

  • Patrick Moniotte

    Patrick Moniotte

  • Veronique Mortessagne

    Veronique Mortessagne

  • Sylvie Padrazzi

    Sylvie Padrazzi

  • Pascal Poirot

    Pascal Poirot